Natural Extracts Essential Oils: Authentic, Sustainable, and Effective.

Natural Extracts is a California-based, wholesale distributor of essential oils supplying the aromatherapy, perfumery and body care products industries. Established in 1989, Natural Extracts specializes in an extensive range of oils from the Pacific Rim nations to remote Madagascar. Quality and sustainability are our main concerns and we work with the most skilled, environmentally-conscious farmers and distillers to be found in every country. Through cultivating one-on-one working relationships with artisan farmers and distillers, Natural Extracts has discovered the purest sources for therapeutic essential oils from Australia, China, Indonesia, Madagascar, New Zealand, and South America.
Ongoing site visits support our local partnerships insuring continued product excellence. Working always in tune with nature and employing fair-trade business practices, we proudly offer essential oils of the highest integrity.

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